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tv   Sens. Manchin and Collins on Feb. 8 Funding Deal  CSPAN  January 22, 2018 9:18pm-9:33pm EST

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the republican leader on the dreamer promise. we will have all of our programming available online. two key swing votes in the senate were joe manchin and susan collins and they held a joint news conference after the cloture vote and here is what they had to say. let me say that i thank all of you for being here and this is a good place to be because we are open for business and the government is open for business. , susan friend here collins, we are the most basically and we have office andsusan's
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that is where we meet with everybody talking with each other and trying to help each other. alwaysto thank susan for being here. thetarted in 2013 with first shutdown and we were so frustrated and we just want to get some like-minded people together and that is how we started pushing the leadership into a bipartisan bill. it is very natural for this common sense coalition to do it again. andn jumped to the front away we went. i want to introduce you to susan. >> today is a day to celebrate because we have shown that a determined group of senators working together across the aisle can result in positive action. in this case, the reopening of
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government. when the government shuts down, it represents a failure to hardshipd causes real for the military and for the great men and women who wear the uniform of our country and all of those who depend on government programs and those who work to administer the programs. when we had a government shutdown in 2013, it costs the economy 1.5 billion dollars a day. that is how harmful a shutdown is and even more profound is the harm it does to public confidence in government and our ability to be leaders of the country. leadnd i worked hard to
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the common sense coalition in 2013 and we talked about reconvening our group after the last government shutdown with friday.t meeting on we started out with 17 senators and the number ultimately grew to 25 senators representing the center of the parties and there were both democrats and republicans. common is ae in determination to reopen the government and convincing our leaders there is a path forward that could accommodate those of us who are concerned about the fate of the dreamers in the
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country with many of them knowing no other country as their home. there are other things we need to deal with, including defense spending and the opioid crisis, which affects both of our states . today, we have taken a forward andstep there was a commitment to bring the immigration bill to the floor with an ample opportunity for those with different views to offer up a substitute on the bill. isthe thing that unites us the military and that was
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extremely important to us and it brings us together and a common dialogue. that played heavily into this. the chip program and the pension program. pension wouldnor be lost if we didn't do something and this is important for all of us and that is why we took the lead. .e will answer a few questions >> to make a comment on the chip theram, i am happy with health insurance program and remember sponsoring it when orrin hatch and ted kennedy approached me and the
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authorization expired at midnight and was absolutely urgent that it he extended to not jeopardize health insurance for 9 million low income children, including nearly 23,000 in the state of maine. i am very happy that we have assured this program will continue. >> can you walk us through what happened because there was optimism and the pessimism grew overnight. can you talk about what specifically changed? >> every meeting we were in was always optimistic and we all knew there was a pathway forward
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and we should not have shut down the government. there were others who felt differently, that the bottom line was not to shut it down and we were all moving towards that with leadership still jousting back and forth. this is made. i don't believe that either leader should have the powers you have a force is strong as ours moving in this direction and they listened and that is what moved it. we were not backing off. we would not go into submission.
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more than anything, you look at the rules of the senate and how come committee chairs don't have input and how to get to this point. we were always optimistic. >> let me add to what was said because every single typical conversation i have been in my years has had peach and valleys and i give the leaders and a lot of credit for listening to ideas that we put forward and for showing flexibility after starting out being prettied up and and it was ultimately decisions made by mitch mcconnell and chuck schumer to bring us to this
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point and i believe that our group gives them specific ideas and there isorward a size and bipartisan nature to our group that played a critical role. >> you get people starting to push the envelope from the left and the right and sharp and nancy had to say they heard them and that voices would be heard, but they have to open a new government to move forward. >> the proposal that mitch mcconnell put forward, is it the same one you brought to him? is it a variation? >> it is a variation of the approacht reflects the
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we suggested and we would all continue to work on global issues out there, like the issuescaps and, if those were not solved, he would bring a vehicle for the immigration issues to get resolved, including border security and the dreamer population. we helped to shape it. coalitionmon sense has a purpose not to write a piece of legislation, but to say that these people should be heard and that process should be
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followed. the timee is constraints in march and february. how do we get this to what we agree on to put this on the process inve an open one direction for the purpose of >> was itopulation before or after the eighth? >> it depends on the broader negotiations going on, but i believe, as laid out by not aell, if there is global agreement on issues that range from defense , the health care issues that
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are still out there. the immigration issues. then that immigration bill is not in agreement. it would be brought as a separate piece of legislation. that would occur february 8. vote threshold on tax. democrats have the ability or opportunity to make sure there is a process to vote. that is what they are going to use in a reasonable way. andle might be unreasonable certain aspects, but in a reasonable way that is what they demanded than that is what they got. i think mitch was very gracious and what he said today. it made all the difference in the world. his speech opened the vehicle we needed to carry forth. the pressure is going to be on basically when we get our job done.
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then paul ryan has to do his job. we can't do the house's job. we can't dictate what the president and the executive house is going to do. if left to understand, once we got ourselves into a mindset we are senators. our responsibility is to the united states senate. >> if -- >> if he wants us to come that is what is going to happen. >> would've this happens again? >> that is no guarantee. announcer: that is the question tonight, will we be back in that same situation in three weeks. the new deadline is february eight. welcome to c-span's coverage of the events. i short-term continuing resolution keeps the government open for the next 17 days. your reaction, phone lines are
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open. this is from democratic congressman eliot engel and now back to our regularly scheduled program. to tweets from republican in texas quoted in usa today. argument."lost the and a tweet from senator john cornyn. big loss for the senator and the democrats. this, the jell-o president and the shutdown. another, thank goodness that is over.


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